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DigiKeyis the largest online distributor of electronic components in the world, with headquarters in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, USA.

Marutsuelec is a sole distributor of DigiKey in Japan. Utilizing DigiKey's supply chain, Marutsuelec can offer products in quantities starting from a single item and at the same price as DigiKey.

  • Over 11 million items (model numbers) are available
  • Delivery in as little as 5 business days!
  • "More than 2,300 authorized manufacturers
    Official channel for all manufacturers"

With Marutsuelec, DigiKey products can be purchased through an invoice payment system.

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DigiKey products at even lower prices and convenience at Marutsu

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Special Corporate Discount from Marutsu

*1 Same price as DigiKey depending on the purchase quantity. Contact us for details.

  • Purchase at the same price as DigiKey
  • Free shipping for small-quantity orders
  • Invoices issued monthly, payment of the total amount due the following month
  • Payment sites available upon request
  • Delivery on specific date possible

8 Services provided by Marutsu

  • DigiKey社と同価格でご提供
  • 部品取扱型番1,100万以上
  • お手続き簡単 請求書払い可能
  • コストカットが可能 3,000円以上で送料無料
  • 自社流通センターだからできるご指定納期でお届け
  • 話題のDXにも対応可能 貴社調達システムと連携
  • マルツにおまかせください 安心の品質管理
  • 最新情報 EOL情報をご提供

Regarding eight available services by Marutsu, inquiries accepted by phone and email

Original Services Provided by Marutsu

BOM Bulk Procurement

When provided in the BOM, Marutsu will procure components in bulk

Emergency Procurement

Marutsu can procure items from domestic and overseas sources using our extensive inventory information

Proxy Procurement

Even if not listed on our website, Marutsu can serve as proxy to procure items from suppliers as specified by you

Suggestions for Substitute Products

Our knowledgeable and dedicated staff can recommend substitute or alternative products